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Oak boards

Oak (Quercus) is a genus of deciduous trees. To this genus include both deciduous and evergreen trees. Oak trees (or oak wood) is one of the best known wood species. In general, Oak is strong and hard, but still pretty easy to edit and finish.

 There is one big differences between the different species of oak. The best known trade groups are:

  •  European oak: this is the traditional oak wood from which the classic oak furniture and statues are made. Not only furniture, but also doors, parquet, window frames and stairs and also ships and lock gates were traditionally made of oak wood. Because of the scarcity (and price) this becomes more and more replaced by other species.
  • American White Oak: is lighter in color.
  •  American Red oak: pinkish in color

' Dark Oak ' is usually not a separate species but often arises by treatment (with ammonia). Oak discolors to blue where it comes in contact with iron, by the presence of tannic acid.

Product details

rough 27 mm, calibrated 23 mm

Length 2100 2500 3000 mm
Width 160 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 320 340 360 380 400 mm

Taric code:

Approx. 630 kg/m3


Country of origin:
Ukraine, Germany, France, etc.

Oak furniture, pictures, doors, flooring, windows, stairs and also vessels and lock doors.