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AraucoPly® panels are manufactured using Radiata pine pruned logs from plantation forests, where during the growth of the tree much attention is paid to timely pruning. The use of pruned logs results in the production of high quality, smooth, knot-free wood veneers, which are alternately placed perpendicular to the direction of the fiber and bonded together with phenolic resin. This results in a versatile, highly resistant panel with excellent inner core construction, ideal for a wide variety of uses.

AraucoPly® Panels have minimal face defects, making them ideal for decorative uses and high-end applications and are
engineered for high performance applications where structural and dimensional consistency is required.

Arauco is using pruned logs from her own PEFC-certified, sustainably managed forest plantations, which is making AraucoPly® a very sustainable product.
Araucoply panels are the best sustainable choice for furniture, packaging, structural, concrete forming and decorative applications.

Product details

WBP bonding


BC and CP/C

6.5 mm - 9 mm - 12 mm - 15 mm - 18 mm - 21 mm - 25 mm and 30 mm

2440 x 1220 mm square edged (all thickness)
2440 x 1220 mm Tongue and groove 2 sides in the length (TG2) Thickness 18-21-25-30 mm
610x2440 mm Tongue and groove 4 sides (TG4). Thickness 18-21-25-30 mm

Approx. 540 kg/m3


Long grain.

Taric code:
441239001 (18 mm)

Country of Origen:


  • General Construction.
  • Structural for flooring, roofing and general industrial applications.
  • Non-structural for furniture and interior fittings.
  • Packaging.