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Birch plywood

Birch is a collective name for the wood delivered by species of the genus Birch (Betula).

The wood imported in the Netherlands and Belgium comes from Scandinavia, the Baltic region and is derived from the silver birch (Betula pendula) and the downy Birch (Betula pubescens). In China grows the Betula Alnoides. Most wood is imported in the form of plywood, and also as products with curved forms, including chairs, made of many layers of veneer.

This wood has a white colour; There is no difference between sapwood and core. The wood is fairly easy to edit.

Product details

Interior and Exterior bonding

Glue Classes 1,2,3 EN314

4,0 6,5 9,0 12,0 15,0 18,0 21,0 24,0 27,0 30,0  mm

1525 x 1525 mm
2500 x 122(5)0 mm
1525 x 3050 mm

Long and cross/short grain.

Taric code:


Approx. 650 kg/m3

FSC® Mixed Credit and FSC® 100%

Country of origin:
Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Poland.

Higher grades:
Furniture industry, toys, puzzles and luxury packaging.

CP/C C/C-quality:
Flooring industry, packaging industry, pallets, hulls for couches and cable reels.

We can buy directly from serveral factories. These factories are checked on quality and on EUTR regulation.